The Floor Friends concept has been designed to encourage concentrated floor-level learning.   Comfortable, slip-proof carpeting and padded mats are perfect for lying, sitting, kneeling or crouching on. The portfolio for the floor-level learning also includes low tables, the triangular TriTable-II or the stackable Gugl cylindrical table. The cover panel is also available with optional pen holders.


We promise you’ll be in seventh heaven with our bean bags. The upholstered cloud elements offer pure sitting relaxation. This beanbag supports the body in its posture, constantly allowing body positioning to change. Unlike sitting on a sofa where variety in your sitting position is limited, these seating elements demand dynamic sitting postures that allow for different muscle groups to be activated and blood to be circulated. 

The upholstered elements in the club bean bag, Club Lounge and SitzCouch series are just the ticket for chill out areas, breakaway or cave spaces. They consist of a stool, easy chair and sofas (which includes a corner sofa). You can also mix it up with the shift ottomans to create new seating combinations – for rest, relaxation, listening to music, reading or as place to meet up.


Straight and rounded seating modules or ottomans are available in different heights, to create funky soft seating compositions for the cave in classrooms or reading corners in libraries. Used in conjunction with the storage modules as a back rest they can create mobile seating groups for flexible spaces.