The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair has a comfortable air-cushion seat shell which offers comfort throughout the long school day. The seat surface tilts forward and backwards creating a gentle rocking motion which allows for increased blood flow and concentration


The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair is height-adjustable, with an ergonomic plastic moulded seat to promote a good posture. It is perfect for areas where students of various grades use one space for many tasks. The 3-D tilt mechanism is an optional extra for those who would like a height adjustable chair that allows for body movement for fidgety students. For added comfort these chairs can be ordered with arm rests and stylish upholstery.



The Hokki stool has been designed to eradicate the boundaries between controlled sitting and natural free movement. It allows for flexible seating, it is proven to engage your core muscles increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and brain. We have been told by some teachers that they have noticed a 30% increase in concentration in students who use the Hokki stool during their classes.


LEVEL 71-76


The ergonomically designed students’ chair  for common areas such as library’s computer labs, break away spaces- where the table is taller and the chair is then adjustable to suit each student’s height. This helps to promote comfort while seated and working at the table. The chairs provides elevated seating corresponding to table heights 71 or 76 cm, each with four foot support settings. The level series still gives you the gentle rocking motion to increase concentration for all ages, even with the altered chair leg design perfect for.



The solo four-legged stool has footrests at four ranging heights so it can be used in the art room or science lab by pupils of varying in height. The seat has also been moulded offering comfort to the student at work, available in varying colours to brighten up any space.



The stackable Compass-VF four – legged chair, is not ideal for classroom seating as it is designed to be rigid. However it offers diverse deployment opportunities for a range of seating areas such as halls and areas where shortened periods of seating is required. When not in use, it can be stacked without putting strain on the seat surfaces. Compass-VF comes with armrests, or as a mobile chair with double castors.



The upholstered elements in the club bean bag, Club Lounge and SitzCouch series are just the ticket for chill out areas, breakaway or cave spaces. They consist of a stool, easy chair and sofas (which includes a corner sofa). You can also mix it up with the shift ottomans to create new seating combinations – for rest, relaxation, listening to music, reading or as place to meet up.