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Club and Serie Lounge


Our lounge range of ergonomic school furniture consisting of the sitz, club and series lounge comes in a variety of colours to suit any pallet. Creating comfortable and inviting reading areas, catch up environments and hidey hole spaces needed in the common areas of a library suiting the needs of all students. The upholstered furniture is designed to be easily cleaned and movable to create open spaces as the common areas evolve.


We promise you’ll be in seventh heaven; the upholstered Cloud elements offer pure sitting relaxation while you can be active too. This is a posture where the body is in motion, constantly animated to change sitting position while being supported through active sitting different muscle groups are activated alternately; blood circulation is stimulated. Unlike sitting on a sofa where variety in your sitting position is limited, these seating elements demand dynamic sitting postures. 


Straight and rounded seating modules or ottomans are available in different heights, to create funky soft seating compositions for the cave in classrooms or reading corners in libraries. Used in conjunction with the storage modules as a back rest they can create mobile seating groups for flexible spaces.