The Uno-m is a very durable and long lasting classic school table that can be fitted with a under the table book shelf and bag hook. The table can be ordered to seat 1 or 2 students depending on your needs. The table top is made out of condensed LINGno-DUR making it extremely durable and almost indestructible.



Simple base shapes offer a variety of combinations for group work, our most popular for pre-school and junior preparatory. By using these double seated rectangular, trapezoid or semi-circular tables you can quickly create the right table size or student seating group for a particular task. These tables are easily movable as one side has wheels and with corners that have been finished off with inject moulded polyurethane creating a soft impact absorbing  edge for safety of the scholars.



The stackable Compass Table is made from a LINGOpal laminate has a large surface area with a cast in pen groove and under the table book shelve, however is not seen as movable as it is designed without wheels. Optional extra is the book rest, glass holder and slide in storage drawer.