Step in to the 21st Century classroom with the new generation technological tools. With the new generation of technology we provide a powerful education solution for teachers and students. Our Panels are designed with collaboration in mind, allowing up to 20 simultaneous points of touch. It has been designed with tempered glass making them extremely durable and will last for years to come. It can connect up to 30 students at once. It can share up to 4 devices to the screen. Our panels can record videos easily and share them with your colleagues with the touch of a button, tutortouch supports 4k Video’s.  


tutortouch is always ready to impress. It has a multitude of inputs and pre-installed software which makes it a step above the rest.

Designed with collaboration in mind, it allows seamless integration into your school and is compatible with any other device or operating systems, for example Mac, any IOS operating system, airplay and any existing educational software.

Android Interface


This turns your panel into a giant tablet making your technology lesson interaction a breeze for students. It has a built-in web browser, note application and a number of collaborative applications.

Touch Ready


tutortouch has an extremely accurate 20-point touch display. With touch accurate to 0.5mm, tutortouch allows for continuous fine line writing.

Compatible for All


tutortouch is your one stop compatible solution to seamlessly share content from any operating system, having a variety of diverse ports. You can use one of the HDMI ports to mirror your device or go wireless and interactively share your pc via our innovative Screen Share Pro dongle using your WIFI network.


Teaching & Lesson Preparation Software


Note is the next generation of whiteboard software designed for education. It allows you to use the panel as a whiteboard, to make notes, save classes and prepare robust lessons. The panel allows for documents or other activities on the panel to be shared with colleagues easily. It has an integrated search engine to easily research and add content from the web.


The connect software allows you to wirelessly control the panel and share content from your mobile device. When connected you can make annotations from your device and it will automatically be transmitted to the screen and vice versa. This software is perfect for one on one lessons and group work.


Capture is a full-fledged recording and editing program. It allows you to record part or the entire screen being used and edit anything you do not like afterwards. Capture comes with separate track listings to make editing effortless. This makes recording and editing your lessons extremely easy, and to be able to share anything with your collages with the touch of a button.

Screen Share Pro

The screen Share Pro software makes simultaneous interaction with the panel a breeze. You can connect up to 8 devices at the same time and up to 4 devices can share their content simultaneously to the screen. This is perfect for debates or class presentations.


Our smart, interactive panels are installed with secure wall mounts. Additional accessories are available depending on your needs ranging from, mobile stands, height adjustable stands, PC modules and more.

Mobile Stand

When tutortouch is paired with a mobile stand it becomes a true 21st Century classroom tool as it can be wheeled from one class to the other.  The mobile stand can be used when the castors are locked and without fear of it rolling away or falling over.

Height Adjustable Stand

It improves the flexibility of a 21st century classroom. Interactive panel can be moved according to the classrooms orientation. The height of the panel can be adjusted to suit a variety of different grades. It is perfect for common areas like libraries and STEM rooms.


Pluggable Pc Module

  • Intel 6th gen Skylake CPU
  • Intel Core Celeron /i5/i7
  • Pin Connector: 120 pin
  • 4K/2K 60Hz output
  • Intel H110 O Express Chipset
  • Integrated HD Graphics
  • 6 x USB 3.0 + HDMI / VGA / Display Port Out

Smart Pen


It integrates the functions of writing, slide playback and annotation during presentation. It also isolates pen writing with hand and gesture control, which is more convenient for users.

Screen Share Pro Dongle

The screen share pro dongle allows you to share the content from your laptop or pc to the Interactive flat panel with the touch of a button. By activating the dongle it will wirelessly share the content of your computer to the screen, it also shares the touch screen activity to your pc with means you can access and edit all your information and pictures on your computer from the panel without any messy or unnecessary cables.


65″ 75″ 86″ EE SERIES