An appropriately furnished take it easy zone, with a variation of seating elements creates flexible seating combinations, inviting pupils to meet in pleasant surroundings to enjoy being in small groups to chat, catch up or just relax listening to music. The spheres shown here create the perfect ambiance for recuperative activities or a place where students or staff can simply hang out. The upholstered elements in the Club Lounge and SitzCouch series are just the ticket for chill out areas, breakaway or cave spaces. They consist of a stool, easy chair and sofas (which includes a corner sofa). You can also mix it up with the Cloud beanbag or shift ottomans to create new seating combinations – for rest, relaxation, listening to music, reading or as place to meet up.



 Our lounge range of ergonomic school furniture consisting of the Sitz, club and series lounge comes in a variety of colours. Creating comfortable and inviting reading areas, catch up environments and hidey whole spaces helps to accommodate the needs of all students. The upholstered furniture is designed to be easily cleaned and movable to create open spaces as the common areas evolve.


We promise you’ll be in seventh heaven with our bean bags. The upholstered cloud elements offer pure sitting relaxation. This beanbag supports the body in its posture, constantly allowing body positioning to change. Unlike sitting on a sofa where variety in your sitting position is limited, these seating elements demand dynamic sitting postures that allow for different muscle groups to be activated and blood to be circulated. 



The Hokki stool has been designed to eradicate the boundaries between controlled sitting and natural free movement. It allows for flexible seating, it is proven to engage your core muscles increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and brain. We have been told by some teachers that they have noticed a 30% increase in concentration in students who use the Hokki stool during their classes.