The Floor Friends concept has been designed to encourage concentrated floor-level learning.  Comfortable, slip-proof carpeting and padded mats are perfect for lying, sitting, kneeling or crouching on. The portfolio for the floor-level learning also includes low tables, the triangular TriTable-II or the stackable Gugl cylindrical table. The cover panel is also available with optional pen holders.

 Up to the age of about twelve, children like to learn at floor level, whether lying on their fronts, sitting, crouching or kneeling on the floor. They can intuitively change their body position in exactly the way they need and whenever they want to. This continuous change of posture promotes the healthy development of the young body and allows children to remain attentive and concentrated throughout a long school day.



As a soft floor covering for one person or for groups, available as a rectangular or 60° wedge-shaped element to create fun, relaxing and interactive spaces during the school day. Available in various colours to brighten up any dull reading corner. The padded mats are wipe-clean, made with tough artificial leather cover, a non-slip bottom and a carrying loop.


Carpets can be used for one person or for groups. It is available as a rectangular or 60° wedge-shaped element which can be used to create different shaped carpeted areas to replace the conventional square carpet. It has a non-slip bottom and carrying loop.



Filled with expanded polyester balls it can be used as a seat, a backrest or to lay on. Usually used to lean on with your shoulders or used as a head rest or to create your very own reading caterpillar. Available in a variety of colours. Easy to clean with just a wipe, tough artificial leather cover.


They are a lightweight, versatile and multifaceted play element, they can be quickly and easily used to form a seating circle for both children and adults. They are highly versatile in use as they can be both indoors or outdoors. They can also be cleaned without difficulty whenever required.


At the heart of activity the low cylindrical table is where children can work by sitting, kneeling or crouching on the floor. It has a storage space function and cover panel. The cover panel is also available with a pen holder. The individual floor coverings or back support rolls can be stored in the Gugl.


A table at the height of 40 cm, is designed for a comfortable working posture when sitting or kneeling on the floor. The tri-shape can be manipulated and configured to create a variety of working spaces depending on the number of tables you have.