The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair has a comfortable air-cushion seat shell which offers comfort throughout the long school day. The seat surface tilts forward and backwards according to the way weight is distributed. The chair creates a gentle rocking motion which allows for increased blood flow and concentration.


The compass laptop chair is suitable for rooms with restricted space. These chairs are ideal in maximizing the space in which theory and practical classes can both happen in the same room as furniture can be moved. Once Theory is done the chairs can be stacked to open up the space, for dance or theatre movements.




 The upholstered elements in the Club Lounge are just the ticket for chill out areas, breakaway or cave spaces. They consist of a stool, easy chair and sofas (which includes a corner sofa).

You can also mix it up with the Cloud beanbag to create new seating combinations – for rest, relaxation, listening to music, reading or as place to meet up.