Shift + Make a space furniture

Essential furniture for collaborative teaching in the 21st Century Classroom.

Learning and the learning environment are closely connected as we teach children the core competencies in 21st century schools, with teaching methods that are actually designed to achieve the outcomes we need now and in the future.

It is imperative to create spares that do not restrict students development, therefore necessary to create spaces that are adaptable and multi functional to accommodate a widening range of school activities and teaching style.

The Shift + Base table elements and the shift + Landscape storage and seat modules provide furniture suitable for these highly flexible learning environment.

Create your own learning space

Making a space usable for a variety of purposes

Shift + is the first step to flexible furniture arrangements, having a different range of single and group tables for use as the situation demands.

Shift + elements allows users to discover how quickly and easily – they can recreate their own learning environment everyday. This is the vital difference of shift+, providing school furniture that makes spaces more flexible than ever before, supporting diversity of learning opportunities and “out of the box” teaching styles.

Sample classroom 1

Alter your classroom in the blink of an eye. Shift + makes it easy to release the classroom from it’s teacher cantered focus “the campfire” to peer learning focus “the watering hole”.

Students desks can be adapted as desired: to face the teacher, in a circle, in snake like lines, configured for partner and group work.

Storage and seat modules are integrated and support creating spaces within a room such as “the Cave”. Stacking of students desks which are kept in reserve for more combinations or to clear the space completely.

Seen below in time lapse diagrams of how one class can be configured and manipulated as needed by using the concave & convex student desks or tri-tables.