Premium Chairs
for Libraries

Our library chairs are designed for focus and productivity, catering to individual study, collaboration, and group work. With durable materials, ergonomic features, and adaptable designs, they offer a comfortable space for students of all ages and learning styles.

Hokki Stool

The Hokki stool blurs the line between controlled sitting and natural movement, encouraging flexibility. It engages core muscles, boosts blood flow, and increases oxygen circulation in the body and brain. Teachers report a 30% concentration boost in students using Hokki stools during classes.

Pantoswing Chair

The air-cushioned seat shell of the PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair ensures comfort throughout the academic day. With a tilting seat surface based on weight distribution, the chair’s gentle swaying motion promotes enhanced blood circulation and concentration.

PantoMove Chair

The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair, with adjustable height and an ergonomically molded plastic seat, encourages excellent posture. Suitable for multi-grade spaces, it offers an optional 3-D tilt mechanism for seated movement. Customizable with armrests and stylish upholstery, it complements any Edushift desks and chairs.

Level 71-76 Chair

Our ergonomic student chairs are perfect for areas like library computer labs and breakaway spaces, offering height adjustability for comfort at taller tables. With options for table heights of 71 or 76 cm and four footrest configurations per chair, they provide versatility. The level series, featuring a modified leg design, ensures a moderate rocking motion to enhance concentration across all ages.