Classroom Chairs

Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

KCSA’s exceptional assortment of classroom chairs underscores our belief that comfortable seating is pivotal in establishing an optimal learning environment. Our thoughtfully selected range of classroom chairs integrates ergonomic design, durability, and aesthetic appeal to enrich the overall atmosphere of your educational settings.

Panto-Swing Chair

The air-cushioned seat shell of the PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever classroom chair provides comfort throughout the academic day. The seat surface tilts forward and backward to generate a moderate rocking motion that promotes increased blood circulation and focus.


The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chairs are height-adjustable with an ergonomically molded plastic seat for good posture. Ideal for multi-grade spaces, they offer an optional 3-D tilt mechanism for added movement. Armrests and stylish upholstery are available for extra comfort.

Hokki Stool

The Hokki stool blurs the line between controlled sitting and natural movement, encouraging flexibility. It engages core muscles, boosts blood flow, and increases oxygen circulation in the body and brain. Teachers report a 30% concentration boost in students using Hokki stools during classes.

Level 71-76

Ergonomic student chairs, suitable for spaces like library computer labs, offer adjustable height for different table sizes, promoting comfort during seated work. With elevated seating options at 71 or 76 cm and four footrest configurations per chair, the Level series maintains a gentle rocking motion to enhance concentration across various age groups.

Solo Stool

The solo four-legged stool has footrests at four different heights, allowing students of diverse heights to use it in the art room or science lab. The seat has also been molded to provide comfort for the student at work, and it is available in a variety of hues to enliven any space.

Compass Lupo Chair

The modular Compass-VF four-legged chairs, with their sturdy design, aren’t ideal for classrooms. However, they offer flexibility in places like corridors, catering to short-term seating needs. When not in use, these chairs can be stacked without stressing the seat surfaces. Compass-VF is available with armrests or as a mobile chair with two wheels.

Cloud Bean Bags

In our bean bags, comfort reaches new heights. The padded cloud elements ensure pure sitting comfort, supporting the body’s posture and allowing for constant repositioning. These bean bags encourage dynamic sitting postures, activating various muscle groups and promoting blood circulation, in contrast to the limited sitting positions offered by sofas.

Soft Seating

The cushioned elements of the Club Lounge, Club Bean Bag, and SitzCouch series are perfect for chill-out zones, hideaways, and cozy corners. The range encompasses a settee, lounge chair, and sofas, including a corner sofa. Introduce versatility with shift ottomans, creating new seating configurations for activities like resting, listening to music, reading, or as a gathering spot.