Classroom Desks

Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

KCSA’s exceptional assortment of classroom chairs underscores our belief that comfortable seating is pivotal in establishing an optimal learning environment. Our thoughtfully selected range of classroom chairs integrates ergonomic design, durability, and aesthetic appeal to enrich the overall atmosphere of your educational settings.

UNO-M Desk

The Uno-M represents a robust and enduring traditional school table, customizable with an under-table bookshelf and bag rack. It can be configured for either a single or dual student setup. The tabletop is made of compacted LINGno-DUR, ensuring exceptional durability and near-indestructibility.


A distinctively designed school desk caters to educational institutions seeking a modern classroom aesthetic while upholding the use of conventional furniture. The desk’s surface is crafted from LINGOpal laminate, enabling flexible arrangement options.

Concave & Convex

The shift+ convex and concave are lightweight, abstract-designed, single-seated workstations, widely favored as our leading classroom desks for versatile seating arrangements. These workstations feature either convex or concave sides, promoting collaborative learning setups that diverge from conventional rigid arrangements. The desks are stackable (up to six desks) and mobile (up to three desks), offering educators the flexibility to effortlessly craft 21st-century learning environments.


The TriTable-II, characterized by its essential triangular design, offers a wide range of potential arrangements ideal for 21st-century classrooms facing space constraints. Featuring multiple triangular desks with a single seat, these classroom desks can be configured in diverse ways to meet the specific subject needs of the teacher and encourage different peer groupings. The workstations are both mobile and stackable (up to six desks can be stacked, and three desks are mobile), providing flexibility as they can be rolled away. Each table is equipped with casters for easy mobility.

Lite Table

A conventional rectangular modular table designed for educational institutions in search of 21st-century furniture with a classic shape. This desk, characterized by its rectangular form, boasts the largest surface area, catering to the needs of high school and college students.

Rectangular and Trapezoid Tables

Basic geometric shapes provide numerous group work options, particularly favored for pre-school and elementary students. Employing double-seated rectangular, trapezoidal, and semi-circular tables allows for quick customization of table size and student seating arrangements based on specific tasks. These tables feature wheels on one side and injection-molded polyurethane on the corners to create a soft, impact-absorbing edge, ensuring student safety.

Puzzle Group Table

The puzzle table stands out with its amoeba-like shape, setting it apart from conventional tables. Its undulating, curved design makes it perfect for dedicated spaces for creative activities like painting, drawing, and play. Particularly well-suited for occupational therapy sessions or small group work, the table accommodates four to six students on one side, while an adult can easily observe and assist each student from the opposite side.

Flip Group Table

The shift+ curved classroom desk is a mobile table designed for two students, easily configured for collaborative setups or combined with shift+ curved shelving to create individual cubicles. When not in use, the table’s top can be flipped and stored on the side to save space. The S-shaped design promotes creative thinking, making it well-suited for robotics, STEM, and modern libraries.

Standing Team Table

The standing TeamTable is lively and unconventional in its design. Featuring indentations that expand the table size, it provides extra space for larger groups during brainstorming sessions or in a staff room, adding a touch of playfulness to the environment.

Standing Tri Union Table

The Trunion is an upgraded standing table with a built-in footrest, shaped like an equal-sided triangle for versatile aisle and group work setups. Its mobility, thanks to wheels and table connectors, enables effortless adjustments to the group configuration, providing a flexible learning environment for students.

Height Adjustable Teachers Lectern

The teacher’s desk is both mobile and height-adjustable, enabling educators to stand and engage with students during tasks, fostering a more interactive approach compared to being confined behind a stationary desk. While featuring a shallow storage shelf, additional teacher’s storage modules can be added for extra space as needed.

Height Adjustable Rondo Table

Modern students often experience boredom in static classrooms, despite the active nature of their work. Ergonomic classroom design addresses this by allowing a seamless transition from sitting to standing while working. This table, with an adjustable height ranging from 64cm to 90cm, accommodates students from grades 1 through 12. The hydraulic push-button control facilitates easy height adjustment, and the rounded-off top adds a unique aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for a teacher’s table with its spacious tabletop.

Uno M Teachers Table

This modern teacher’s table features a spacious, traditional design with a lockable compartment or drawer, providing both functionality and security. Upgrading the teacher’s classroom desks to this contemporary and large-surfaced option can contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the classroom aesthetic.

The Tano Table

An innovative stackable table that offers diverse possibilities for various learning environments. Whether utilized for small or large learning groups, focused individual work, collaborative group activities, or full-class engagements, it enriches learning landscapes thanks to its geometry, mobility and multitude of possible uses. in this way, it points the way towards more versatile teaching.