Premium Desks
for Libraries

Our library desks are designed for focus and productivity, catering to individual study, collaboration, and group work. With durable materials, ergonomic features, and adaptable designs, they offer a comfortable space for students of all ages and learning styles.

Flip Tables

The shift+ curved table is a mobile group desk and chair set for two students, easily joined for collaboration or combined with shift+ curved shelving to create a shielded individual cubicle. When not in use, the top can be turned over, nested, or parked to save space. The S-shaped table encourages creative thinking, making it ideal for robotics, STEM, or modern library and resource centers.

Rectangular and Trapezoid Tables

Simple foundation shapes, like double-seated rectangular, trapezoidal, and semi-circular tables, are popular for pre-school and elementary students. They allow rapid customization for specific tasks, with wheels on one side for easy movement and soft, impact-absorbing edges for student protection.

Standing Tri Union Table

The Triunion is an improved standing table with a footrest, forming a triangle with two equal sides for diverse aisle and group work setups. Its wheels and table connectors enable effortless adjustments to the group configuration and learning environment for students.

Tri-Table Stackable

The TriTable-II’s triangular shape offers versatile configurations for space-efficient classrooms. Multiple tables, each with a single seat, adapt to various setups. They are mobile and stackable (up to six desks stackable, three desks mobile) with casters for easy mobility.

Semi Circular Table

This mobile group desk with five legs has a flat and semicircular side, integrating well with various student station configurations and other Edushift furniture. Its linear side is ideal for wall placement, and it can be customized as a mobile counter workstation with an integrated monitor arm and CPU.

Puzzle Group Table

The puzzle table’s distinctive amoeba-like shape is ideal for creative activities such as painting and drawing. Suitable for OT sessions or small group work, it allows four to six students on one side, with the adult observing and assisting from the other side.