Music Class Desks

Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

KCSA’s exceptional array of music room tables highlights our commitment to creating an optimal environment for musical education. Our thoughtfully chosen range of tables integrates ergonomic design, durability, and aesthetic appeal to elevate the overall atmosphere of your music education spaces.

UNO-M Desk

The Uno-M represents a robust and enduring traditional school table, customizable with an under-table bookshelf and bag rack. It can be configured for either a single or dual student setup. The tabletop is made of compacted LINGno-DUR, ensuring exceptional durability and near-indestructibility.

Rectangular and Trapezoid Tables

Basic geometric shapes provide numerous group work options, particularly favored for pre-school and elementary students. Employing double-seated rectangular, trapezoidal, and semi-circular tables allows for quick customization of table size and student seating arrangements based on specific tasks. These tables feature wheels on one side and injection-molded polyurethane on the corners to create a soft, impact-absorbing edge, ensuring student safety.