Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

Redefine the learning experience with thoughtfully designed school furniture, unlocking the potential for effective teaching and learning in the modern era.

Future-Aligned Teaching Methods

To effectively teach 21st-century core competencies, it’s crucial to employ teaching methods that align with our future educational objectives. Recognizing the interconnectedness of learning and the learning environment underscores the need to create spaces that foster student growth.

Vital Role of Adaptable Furniture

In creating flexible and multifunctional learning spaces, school furniture plays a vital role. The Shift + Base table elements and Shift + landscape stowage and seat modules offer ideal solutions for furnishing adaptable environments, providing the necessary flexibility and functionality essential for dynamic educational settings.

Innovative Student-Centric Furniture

Innovative school furniture, exemplified by the Shift + Base and Shift + landscape modules, enables educators to craft environments that facilitate diverse learning activities. Explore how these furniture elements can transform traditional classrooms into versatile and student-centric spaces, fostering engagement, collaboration, and growth.

Shift+ Dynamic School Furniture

S-Curved Group Table

This versatile four-legged table, designed for easy combinations, suits various group sizes. It can be pulled together as needed, and castors on all four legs allow for easy mobility. Suitable for students of all ages, the tables are not stackable or reversible.

Concave and Convex Tables

A versatile, lightweight workstation suitable for various purposes. The desk sides are designed with convex or concave shapes, enhancing flexibility for unique configurations beyond conventional setups. The tables are portable and stackable, accommodating up to six desks and mobile with three desks.

S-Curved Flip Table

The flexible table top enables diverse configurations, and the mobile group tables can be quickly rearranged to create various clusters for different teaching styles. Their versatility is further enhanced as the freeform tables can be folded and stored to save space and declutter a room.

Teacher's Lectern

The teacher’s desk is easily adjustable in height and mobile with wheels, providing flexibility for standing while teaching or moving and lowering the table to engage with student groups. This adaptability enhances the teaching experience.

Dynamic School Furniture

Pantoswing Chair

The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair features an air-cushioned seat shell for day-long comfort. Its seat surface tilts forward and backward, responding to weight adjustments, creating a gentle rocking motion that enhances blood circulation and concentration.

Hokki Stool

Hokki is an innovative active stool offering controlled freedom of movement, capable of traveling in all directions with its non-slip rounded base. The colorful and lightweight design, coupled with a soft base, prevents sliding.

Pantomove Chair

The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair, with its 3-D inclination mechanism and height adjustment, allows for dynamic movement. The seat surface tilts in various directions, promoting good posture and sustained concentration by accommodating weight shifts. The ergonomic design of the air-cushion saddle shell ensures high comfort levels for students.

Cloud Beanbag

The Cloud Beanbag provides pure relaxation by encouraging continuous motion and changing sitting postures. Its spongy design supports the back while accommodating every movement, offering both comfort and flexibility.

Shift+ Landscape

Shift + Landscape

Utilizing shift + landscape storage and seat modules facilitates the creation of diverse learning landscapes and differentiated areas in the classroom. Varying storage heights enable flexible area separation, while seat modules, available in different heights, cater to learners of all ages and contribute to the creation of inspiring learning spaces.

Straight or Round Storage Modules

Mobile storage modules are available in two heights and can be integrated into various combinations. When combined with seat modules, they create visually separated group areas, facilitating lesson differentiation. Stability is ensured with connection magnets and lockable castors on the sides, allowing for easy assembly and flexibility in arrangement.

Straight or Round Seat Modules

Straight or circular seat modules come in various heights, serving as versatile building blocks for creating informal group seating areas. Additionally, the storage module seamlessly integrates into the landscape of free seating.

Straight Teacher's Storage Module

Shift + Landscape provides teachers with a mobile storage module featuring lockable compartments. This freely mobile module can accompany the teacher to different classroom locations, extending mobility beyond the classroom entrance with all shift + components.

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