Take it Easy Zone

Comfort and style for engaging learning spaces

KCSA’s exceptional assortment of classroom chairs underscores our belief that comfortable seating is pivotal in establishing an optimal learning environment. Our thoughtfully selected range of classroom chairs integrates ergonomic design, durability, and aesthetic appeal to enrich the overall atmosphere of your educational settings.

Cloud Bean Bags

Our bean bags promise a heavenly seating experience with padded cloud elements for pure comfort. Supporting the body’s posture, they allow constant repositioning, promoting dynamic sitting postures that activate various muscle groups and enhance blood circulation, unlike sitting on a sofa with limited sitting positions.

Hokki Stool

The Hokki stool eliminates the distinction between controlled sitting and free movement, promoting flexible seating. It engages core muscles, enhancing blood flow and oxygen to the body and brain. Some teachers have reported a 30% increase in student concentration when using the Hokki stool during classes.

Straight or Round Seating Modules

The club bean bag, Club Lounge, and SitzCouch series’ upholstered components are perfect for chill-out zones, hideaways, and caves, offering options like settees, lounge chairs, sofas, including a corner sofa. Shift ottomans provide flexibility for creating new seating arrangements, whether for rest, relaxation, music listening, reading, or as a meeting place.